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What is Winizzle? And what makes it different?

If you have ever tried entering a prize draw on the internet you will know that they become very confusing with ‘competition websites’ literally redirecting you from one site to another, requiring that you must enter your mobile number to enter or just being very confusing and unclear. We thought how awesome it would be if there was a website which offered genuine prize draws which are super easy to enter, simple to use and were 100% transparent with everything they do! So this is why we decided to do it ourselves, and Winizzle was born with a focus on offering genuine value to its users by offering prizes bought by US, sent to you.

We buy the prizes ourselfs, we ship them out or order them direct to your address and everything is done BY US. We don’t redirect you to various other websites to enter competitions, we keep it SUPER SIMPLE and run them ourselves and send genuine prizes to genuine winners, something which (amazingly to us) not many websites do do. We are honest about how we use any information you chose to enter, which you can read here, and PROMISE NEVER to sell your information to 3rd parties.

Is it really 100% FREE?

You don’t, and won't EVER have to pay a penny to enter the prize draws on Winizzle. You really can win prizes for free.

How can you give away free prizes if the site is free?

Winizzle is very much an experiment and initally we are paying for the prizes straight out of our own pockets. Yep, we really are that kind. We obviously have plans to make the site generate enough money to run its self eventually and buy prizes from money generated from the Winzzle. We are being completely honest (as we always will be) and this concept may not work out for us but we figured 'hey', it will be fun to try out, and the worst that can happen is we have some great competitions and make some people very happy with their FREE prizes.

In order to make money we need you visitors to sign up and enter our prize draws. We will reinvest any money the site makes into bigger, better and more frequent prize draws, so as the site grows in popularity, so will the value and number of prizes.

How Do I Enter?

To enter all you have to do is register to Winizzle and for each prize draw you want to win just hit the ‘enter’ button, then make sure you like the competition by hitting the facebook button, and thats it, really is that simple.

How will you use my details?

When you register you are required to enter your name and email address so we can contact you if you win. Everything else is optiona, however we recommend you fill out address to speed up the process of sending your prizes out to you should you win one of our prize draws.

As always we are 100% transparent and honest about how we will use your information, and the only thing we ask from you to enter our free prize draws is there we can send you the occasional newsletter announcing winners, latest prize draw available or a promotion, offer or product you may be interested in. We promise NEVER to send more than 2 emails a week, and we promise it will contain only useful information from Winzzle or genuine great offers or promotions which we think you will like.

Unlike other websites we are telling you this openly and honestly now so you know exactly how we work. The occasional offer you may recieve will be genuine great offers and if you like it and click on he offers to take them up allows us potential income to buy more prizes or offer more prize draws.

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