New Features And More Coming To Winizzle!

Posted By In Winizzle News on 24th Jul 2014 at 04:00 pm

When we launched Winizzle it was always a bit of an experiment. We didn't know how it would go down or what reception we would receive. We are delighted to say the site went down a storm with the people who came into contact with it. Our stats of users, comps entered etc were beyond our expectations which is all great stuff.

Despite the positive response, we soon came to realise that giving away lots of stuff for unsustainable in the long run (shock)! - DON'T WORRY, we are still going to continue doing our own prize draws which focus on being easy to enter, painless and 100% free, always. The response to advertorial was not strong enough to offset the cost of buying and sending the prizes, and because Winizzle is new we have had to do quite alot of advertising on Facebook and Google to raise awareness.

So the start of life at Winizzle has been one of ups and downs - we still want to offer the best possible user experience when it comes to winning prizes and free stuff etc and have some great new ideas which we are already building! We will also focus more on community at Winizzle and get our users involved more

Expect to see some new additions to the site as we plan to expand the site and massively increase the amount of quality content we can offer.

Stay tuned...

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